What We do

  • Friction Material Manufacturing
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Design and Engineering
  • Precision Machining Services
  • Tooling Equipment for diverse applications including all aspects of friction materials manufacturing.
  • Fixturing
  • Gauging
  • Complete turn key systems or partial components
  • Equipment for a number of diverse applications, including all aspects of complete subcontract machining services.
  • Fabrication
  • Testing
  • Installation Services
  • Complete Machining
  • Electrical, hydraulic, mechanical assembly testing and installation services
How can we help you?

Welcome to Raloid Tool Company Inc.

Raloid Tool Company is a machine manufacturing company serving industrial hotspots such as Albany, Detroit, and Atlanta. Raloid has an extensive list of new and used tooling and equipment for various applications, including machine manufacturing and friction material manufacturing. Our equipment includes batch ovens, clamping fixtures, presses, conveyor ovens, gaging systems, grinders, machine shops, presses, "smart cart" systems, drilling machines and more.

Raloid Tool Company, Inc. has been in business since 1945 producing tooling equipment for many diverse applications, including all aspects of 

friction materials manufacturing

. A major aspect of our business involves the custom design and building of precision machine products for the braking industry.

We have manufactured equipment, tooling and components for such diverse applications as; Press Systems for ferrite, rubber and friction products, Finishing Systems for friction products, Automated Systems for respirators, sweat bands, breast pads and ear plugs, as well as an array of equipment and tooling components for use in  brakes and related systems.

Raloid's experience encompasses all facets of disc brake, drum (segment), block, off-highway, and special application friction manufacturing as well as brake manufacturing in tooling, equipment and gauging and fixturing requirements.

Raloid also offers through its Special Equipment Operations Group, complete equipment subcontract engineering, fabrication, testing, and installation if required.

We maintain within our facility complete electrical, hydraulic and mechanical assembly through our testing areas. We offer complete equipment lines designed for friction materials applications. Raloid will quote complete turnkey systems or partial components. We also maintain a large subcontractor base for any special process or procedures that may be required. If you need to outsource engineering requirements, Raloid Tool would be happy to provide you with a quote. Call us today at (518) 664-4261.

Machine Manufacturing Company Detroit, MI & Atlanta, GA

Machine Manufacturing Company

Raloid has the engineering capability for tooling, equipment, and gauging requirements, however, we can also quote from your design and engineering specifications. We are known for our expertise in building equipment to the customer's specifications. We have the capability for design manufacturing on OEM, OEM Service, and Aftermarket applications. We also have the capability for single-part to semi and full production requirements.

Raloid Tool offers full capabilities; computerized operations and technologically equipped facilities help us manufacture even the most complex orders quickly and more economically. Our advanced resources allow for easy flow production capability and processing, which gives us better quality control over products.

Proudly serving Albany, NY; Detroit, MI; and Atlanta, GA!