B2-5 and B2-6 Bonding Kits



The B2-5 and B2-6 Bonding Kits contain all the basic items necessary for brake shoe bonding by the smaller shop.

Included in each kit is a

• SB10 Brake sander for cleaning the shoes, a

• MT 500 Manual Tension Table for applying the bonding pressure,

• Clamps and Belts for maintaining the pressure, and a

• B100 Electric Batch Oven to maintain the bonding temperature.

The B100 Oven is designed to bond 8 to 12 clamped brake shoes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit (220 degrees Celsius) for a 30-minute cycle. The temperature is controlled by a Digital Temperature Control that is easily reset to suit your individual needs. The oven is sturdy and is designed to operate at maximum capacity for long periods of time

Both the B2-5 and the B2-6 Bonding Kits contain the PT4-600 Small Shoe and the PT4-700 Large Shoe Universal Clamps and an assortment of Tension Belts, but the B2-6 Kit provides the larger selection. The large and small Universal Clamps effectively replace the 10 to 15 different adapter sized clamps usually needed for a bonding job, thus holding costs down. Four large Universal Clamps and four small Universal Clamps are included in the B2-5 Kit so that 8 shoes can be bonded at one time. The B2-6 Kit contains eight large and eight small Universal Clamps. This means that as soon as 8 shoes are taken out of the oven, 8 more can be put in. Therefore, you could have 8 shoes cooling, 8 shoes bonding, 8 shoes being cleaned, and 8 shoes being assembled to ensure full maximum use of the B100 Oven.

Both Kits contain the SB10 Brake Shoe Sander and 10 to 40 continuous sanding belts of 24 or 36 grit, approximately 27” long. The Sander is also equipped with a 3” diameter “A” belt pulley. However, the motor, an output pulley, and a drive belt are NOT included since these can be purchased more conveniently and inexpensively by the purchaser locally. The motor should be rated between 1/3 HP and 1 HP and the output pulley should be between 5” and 5 ½” in diameter to insure proper grinding speed of between 3000 and 5000 surface feet per minute.

Both Kits also contain the MT500 Manual Tension Table for ease of assembly. An automatic tension control is built into the hub. An operator assembles the shoe and the lining, puts the pressure band around them, and tightens the spokes of the table until proper tension is applied and indicated.

The B2-5 Kit is capable of processing Kit is 64 and 96 shoes in an 8-hour day. The B2-6 Kit is capable of processing 128 shoes per 8-hour day.

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