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The electronic gaging table (Smart Cart) system consists of an aluminum extruded frame assembly with a tabletop, back plate, and drawer. The frame is mounted on casters for ease of mobility. The drawer is located under the tabletop on the right hand side. The gage(s) will sit on the table top on the left hand side (for single cart) and on the left and right for double cart, with an electronic gage amplifier. Each Smart Cart System is equipped with a self contained air tank to control the gage clamping and this tank is located inside the frame assembly under the tabletop. Two (2) pressure gages are mounted to display the tank pressure and the clamping pressure.

Two (2) remote transducers located at the gaging fixture are wired directly to digital indicators for display. The displayed information is also sent to a programmable logic control (PLC), via a digital to RS232 converter. The PLC will continually calculate the top and bottom radius along with the squareness. Three (3) sets of calculations will be recorded, one (1) set for the center, and one (1) set for the trailing edge. Once readings are taken, they will be compared to pre-set settings for pass/fail indication. Three (3) sets of lights, (red, yellow, & green - (1) set) are used to give a quick visual indication of the pass/fail or near limits condition for the top and bottom radius and squareness measurements. The system is powered by a standard 115-volt outlet.

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