The NEW B100B Low Cost Batch Oven

Machine Manufacturing Company in Albany, NY

New Product Offering from Raloid

With a capacity of 3 cu. ft., these batch ovens are the perfect size for the small rebuilder and the R&D lab alike! These ovens are economical and built to last. Features include:

  • Double wall well insulated steel cabinets.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminized steel interior.
  • Compact, low-watt density, incoloy-sheathed heating elements provide quick heating and recovery times.
  • Automatic thermostat controlled temperature with easy to read set point dial.
  • Available in 115vac r 230vac, single phase. Three wire power cord with plug included.
  • Benchtop design for flexibility.
  • Furnished with mercury thermometer for temperature verification.
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