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The Gage is a precision product designed for accurate, repeatable, reliable performance with the manufactured parts built to extremely close tolerances and with the purchased components selected to rigid specifications. Each Gage is designed for specific shoe/segment lining assembly and a specific tooling set-up on the Raloid 20" CGIM Contour Grinder for shoe/segment lining assemblies. The Gage assembly can measure the deviation from the proper radius, amount of drop at each end of the ground assembly, as well as the squareness of the lining relative to the locating datums and locations all in a single pass.

The statistical quality control output option consists of a rotary encoder and a proximity switch mounted to the Gage assembly. This option allows the angular position of the shoe/segment lining assembly relative to the (2) transducer/digital indicator sets to be monitored and/or recorded via cabling to your signal conditioner/computer/spc software. The rotary encoder indicates to the computer when the transducer reading is to be taken yielding more accurate readings. Additional information can be taken with this option such as rate of drop, squareness relative to angular position, free radius and time of reading, etc… while reducing the operator’s workload. (The operator does not have to record any inspection data).

The raw shoe inspection option allows for inspection data and shoe conformity to be taken before the shoe has been processed with friction material bonded or riveted to the shoe. This option if selected can measure the deviation from the proper radius, amount of drop at each end of the shoe rim, as well as the squareness of the rim relative to the locating points on the web all in a single pass. Use of this option requires additional gage master and location of the electronic indicator head assembly.

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