Block Drilling Machine


The Raloid Block Drill System is a programmable system which allows for quick change overs and program storage capability within the control. The parts are automatically fed into the drill from a Raloid Drop Feed Conveyor System, drilled/counterbored and ejected on an outfeed system.

The Block Drilling Machine operation is to automatically drill - counterbore holes in the molded block once the operator has loaded them in the infeed system. These holes can be in two (2), three (3), or four (4) rows with the minimum distance between the inner rows being 1.625 inches and the maximum distance between the outer row of holes being 7.500 inches. The block can have a minimum height of 4.000 inches and a maximum height of 8.875 inches. The minimum inside radius is 5.750 inches and the maximum inside radius is 10.000 inches. The minimum arc of the block is 45 degrees and the maximum is 75 degrees. The maximum block thickness is .800 inches.

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