Block I.D. Sander/Grinding Machine


The Raloid Sander/Grinding Machine was developed to accurately sand or diamond grind the I.D. (inside diameter) of truck block and similar components with speed and precision with little or no tool changeover for various part sizes.

The Sander/Grinder System was developed for customers whose requirements are to skim grind the inside diameter of large arcuate shaped brake block parts for blister and/or flash removal. This method of grinding application allows for a true reference surface and diameter for the finish grinding (using the ID as a reference) for the outside diameter of the block.

The Sander/Grinder is designed to sand or grind the inner radius of the block part by plunging the block onto a sanding belt or diamond coated grinding drum on a fixed diameter drum. The block is fed into the Sander/Grinder, the gimbal nest raises the block into the sanding belt or grinding drum for a set time then retracts. The block is ejected from the machine and the cycle is repeated. The machine will cycle continuously at an estimated rate of 1000 blocks per hour depending on the block size, formula, and the grit of the sanding belt or the diamond drum selected for the grinding application. The Sander/Grinder will handle from 10.50 to 17.75 inch inside radius (diameter), widths from 5.50 to 8.75 inches, and Arc lengths from 5.50 to 9.50 inches. The diamond coated drum can grind block up to 10.00 inches in width.

The block can be supplied to the Sander/Grinder by a conveyor (continuous feed mode) or by a short magazine (operator feed mode). The Sander/Grinder can be converted from one to the other by removing the conveyor interface chute and installing the magazine.

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