Electric Conveyor Ovens BE 742/842/942

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The Raloid Electric Conveyor Ovens are ovens designed specifically for use in the bonding of friction materials. These ovens utilize electric power for their radiant heat elements, and are regulated by two automatic solid state controls. The first control for each oven section is a Dual Setpoint Digital Temperature Control. The first setpoint controls the auxiliary heating elements which are cycled appropriately to enable quick heating of the oven and of the cold brake shoes as they enter each section. The second setpoint controls the main heating elements and cycles them as required to maintain the optimum temperature.

The second control is a Single Setpoint Digital Temperature Control used to run the conveyor system. Its temperature sensor located so as to verify that the shoes have been heated to the proper bonding temperature. If the sensed temperature is incorrect, the control stops the conveyor and keeps it stopped until the shoes rise to the correct temperature. Then, it automatically restarts the conveyor to continue production.

Raloid Conveyor ovens are expendable to fit production requirements. The BE742 is a single section oven. With the addition of a standard second section, it can be converted to the BE842. This oven is further expendable with the addition of a third section to convert it to the BE942. If production requirements are already high, the BE842 and the BE942 can be purchased already assembled.

All Raloid conveyor ovens have their conveyors adjustable to the most efficient speed for the most productive use of manpower. The BE742 Single stage oven has a capability of 160 shoes per hour for a maximum passenger car shoe of 2 ½” width. When the shoe width is 3”, the production rate is 135 passenger car shoes per hour. Used with the Raloid PT400 Tension Table and Raloid Clamping System, one worker can clamp and release shoes at this rate all day as well as draw linings from stock and bring up prepared shoes for clamping.

The BE842 Two Stage oven is a two section continuous production oven with a capacity of 400 passenger car shoes per hour. Used with the Raloid PT400 Tension Table and the Raloid Clamping System, it can be loaded and unloaded from the entrance end by one worker at the rate of 250 shoes per hour, or two workers at a rate of 400 shoes per hour for a maximum width of 2 ½”. For a 3” width, the rate is 354 shoes per hour.

The BE942 Three Stage oven is a three section continuous production oven with a capacity of 600 passenger car shoes per hour of 2 ½” width. Using the Raloid PT400 Tension Table and the Raloid Clamping System, it can be operated by two workers at the entrance end of the oven. For 3” width shoes, the rate is 465 shoes per hour.

For all Raloid Conveyor Ovens, clamping equipment must be provided for the number of carriers selected according to the width of the shoes being bonded. Maximum shoe width must be specified at the time of ordering so that the proper carriers can be supplied.

Specifications: BE 742/BE 842/BE 942

• Overall length: 8’8”/12’8”/16’8”

• Overall width: 3’0”/3’0”/3’0”

• Installed area: 26 sq. ft./38 sq. ft/50 sq. ft

• Weight-crated: 900 lbs./1230 lbs./1560 lbs.

• Weight-Uncrated: 700 lbs./950 lbs./1200 lbs.

• Voltage: 208-230 A.C./208-230 A.C./208-230 A.C.

• Connected Load: 18 Kilowatts/30 Kilowatts/40 Kilowatts

• Average power used: 13 Kilowatts/23 Kilowatts/32 Kilowatts

• Phases: Three/Three/Three

• Cycles/sec.: 60/60/50 or 60

NOTE: Special voltages, phases and cycles can usually be supplied on special order at a special cost.

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