Hydraulic Press, Manual (HP600) and Electric (HP700)


The HP 600 and the HP 700 Presses have been made specifically for the SE-J840 Shear Test Fixture. By using them together, you avoid such problems as:

• lack of availability of a proper press;

• an inconvenient location within your plant which may cause delays;

• a need to halt production in order to use that press;

• the use of a press that will not register according to your needs;

• damage to the press itself when a test shoe fails.

The HP 600 and HP 700 presses include the overall testing frame, a 20 ton hydraulic jack, a highly sensitive test gauge, and all necessary hydraulic safeguards to insure proper operation. The test gauge insures maximum sensitivity by its ability to register both the lower strength bonds and the higher strength bonds. Its range is from 0 to 50,000 lbs. This gauge is protected to avoid damage at fracture, and has a red maximum reading pointer that can be easily read before being manually reset.

These presses can test drum and disc brake shoes. They are universal floor models, well built, and able to withstand the shock loads inherent in brake shoe testing. The HP 600 or HP 700 press is delivered completely assembled and ready for immediate use with the appropriate SE-J840 fixture.

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