PT400 Pneumatic Tension Table


The PT400 table is a pneumatic clamping table for the clamping of brake shoes and friction materials. Its rapid operation makes it especially useful when high production runs are necessary.

The table utilizes all 12 gauge steel welded construction for longevity. The platform is a solid 1/2” steel plate providing a flat, strong surface for stability and ease in alignment. The table is equipped with its own water separator, pressure regulator, and lubricator for convenience of operation. All can be serviced without removal from the table. The separator has a cleanable element with extra surface area for extended life. The pressure regulator has a locking non-rising pressure adjustment that provides easy hand adjustment of clamping pressure. The regulator’s balance valve reduces the effect of inlet pressure variations on outlet pressure. The lubricator has a sight glass that clearly indicates oil level.

The PT400 is equipped with a double acting cylinder of high quality that is triple sealed for years of trouble-free use. Its solid aluminum alloy piston provides long bearing support and reduced kinetic load. Prestressed steel tie rods eliminate fatigue failures and provide maximum holding power.

PT400 is capable of delivering well over the required 100 psi of all brake bonding adhesives on motorcycle, car and light truck, and heavy-duty industrial brake shoes.

PT400 Pneumatic Tension Table is well built, sturdy and constructed to be trouble free for many years. It weighs 195 pounds, and is 37” high and 24” deep, and 35” wide.

IMPORTANT: Specific processes, equipment, and technical expertise are required for the highly specialized business of bonding friction materials. It is NOT a job for amateurs.

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