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Introducing the New Raloid Autoclamp


You asked for it, and we listened!

As you already know, the Raloid Pneumatic Clamping Table, when used with Raloid’s Clamping System, is the perfect machine for clamping and releasing brake shoes in the bonding process. Simple and reliable, it has become an industry standard.

Plant and production managers asked Raloid to automate the turning of the clamp jackbody. This would increase throughput, reduce workers’ repetitive wrist motion complaints, and eliminate inconsistencies in clamp pressure observed when different workers turn the jackbody by hand.

After long, exhaustive research and field testing, Raloid is proud to announce the development of the Raloid Autoclamp.

Among its many advantages are:

• We've eliminated the foot pedal actuator, allowing the worker to maintain balance with both feet on the floor.
• Palm button actuation keeps both hands out of the work area.
• Precise, repeatable motion totally eliminates any possible worker induced variance of clamp pressure, and thereby reduces your reject rate.
• Jackbody rotation can be reversed instantly, with no need to recycle.
• Overall clamping operation speed is increased.
• Works with all Raloid clamps, large and small, new and old.
• Adjustment for different types and sizes of clamps is automatic and instantaneous.
• Wear compensation is self-acting, and contact wheel replacement is quick and easy.

In addition, the Raloid Autoclamp is available both as a complete new system and as a retrofit to your existing Raloid table. Installed by your maintenance personnel, an Autoclamp retrofit kit saves your air table investment.

The Raloid Autoclamp is available now!

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