SE-F4/SE-F8 Disc Brake Bonding Clamps

Machine Manufacturing Company in Detroit, MI

Both the SE-F8 and the SE-F4 Disc Brake Bonding Clamps are designed to work with the DBT-77 and the DBT-88 Brake Assembly Tables and both clamps have the belleville spring system of the Full-Contact Clamps.

The SE-F8 clamp holds 8 smaller shoe and lining assemblies that are 3-1/2" in overall length or less with no rear flanges or projections.

The SE-F4 clamp holds 4 larger shoe and lining assemblies that are up to 8" overall length. The clamp has been designed so that the pressure bars are narrower and shorter to fit between the flanges and projections of the larger shoe.

IMPORTANT: When bonding disc brakes, it is necessary to use a Locator Plate. This Locator Plate prevents the slippage that occurs when bonding the flat surface of the disc brake lining to the flat surface of the shoe. Since no two manufacturers make exactly the same shape brake lining segment or brake shoe, a sample of the exact shoe and lining that is to be bonded should be sent to Raloid Tool Company, Inc. so that locators can be manufactured to perfectly fit that particular brand of shoe and lining.

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