SE-J840 Shear Test Fixture - Drum


The SE-J840 Drum Brake Shear Test Fixture is a necessary part of a good quality control program so that all areas of the bonding process can be carefully monitored according to established control test limits. Schedule chisel tests conducted periodically will act as a quick check as to the integrity of the bond, but do not give a specific numerical value to the strength of the bond. The SE-J840 will give a number, in total pounds, to verify the integrity of the final bond. This will insure that all defects that could affect the final product have been eliminated.

The SE-J840 fixture is used by placing a sample shoe in the fixture head, and a lateral shear is then applied. The strength of the fracture is measured and recorded on the gauge on the press. It is possible to use a hydraulic arbor press with a capacity of 15 to 20 tons that is equipped with a hydraulic gauge on the ram, such as our HP600 Universal Hydraulic Press. Properly calibrated, the reading on the gauge of the fixture will provide accurate and meaningful results.

NOTE: The SE-J840 fixture can be specially made in any drum diameter required.

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