Segment/Drum Lining I.D./Side Grinder


The Grind System allows for (2) operations in (1) machine versus the two machine concept. The Raloid system allows for inner diameter and side grinding to be completed in one operation.

The grinder uses a diamond wheel operating at the recommended speed from a powered motorized spindle mounted below the table top. A drum style feed wheel “spindle powered” is mounted on the top side of the table which acts to guide the lining as well as give support to the outside diameter of the lining during the grinding operation. A dovetail precision slide assembly provides drum position which controls the wheel grinding depth. The drive speed is variable as to allow for the maximum grind rate per hour as determined by the formula to be ground, grit of diamond wheel selected for use, and surface finish condition required by the customer.

The Grinder has engineered flexibility for stand alone operation or can be equipped for use in a “cell” format along with the Raloid Segment O.D. Contour Grinder.

With proper wheel speed selection, the Raloid Segment Lining I.D./Side Grinder will provide a “clean” grind which will eliminate the need for a part cleaning or blow off station.

Part introduction into the grinder can be accomplished by an operator manual loading or by the optional Raloid Drop Feed Powered Conveyor System. If the Drop Feed Conveyor System option is selected, a pneumatic cylinder and pusher deposits (1) segment at a time onto the table top. A set of guide rollers and special action powered clamp roller mounted on a swing pusher arm propels the lining from the entrance guide into the diamond wheel. The drop feed system is timed to control the grinder rate.

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