Segment Lining Drill Drum


The Raloid Segment Drill Machine was developed to accurately feed, drill, and unload segment lining. This automatic drill machine has a rotating drum fixture which receives lining segments from the Raloid Drop Feed System. As each segment is released for fixturing on the rotating drum, it is referenced off of one segment end and clamped against the drum during the entire drilling operation. The drills enter in a horizontal plane, drill the holes to a fixed hard stop depth and then retract. The drum then indexes to the next programmed position and repeat the process. After the last holes are drilled on location, the segment lining is ejected from the drum. The hole positions are fully programmable from the PLC controller that is standard on each machine. Depending on lining size, lining formula, and the number of holes in each segment, the number of pieces per hour rate that could be expected would vary between 400-800 pieces per hour.

The machine PLC controller allows for the storage of part programs for recall at any time. The drill unit and drill head assembly is mounted to a precision machine tool slide assembly that has a micrometer manual adjust graduated in thousands of an inch. The drill head is mounted to a vertical slide that allows for total flexibility in an "up" and "down" plane.

The total system flexibility and capability allows for one operator to operate multiple machines. Optional “take away” conveyor allows for automated exit of segments from the drilling operation to the next operation.

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