Slab Slitting Machine


The Raloid Slab Slitting Machine was designed for slitting drum and brake block blabs into precision widths as set from precision diamond slitter blades.

Machine is automatic adjustable loaded and loaded with minimum operator interface. Machine is completely versatile with ease of programs and operator interface.

An adjustable load magazine is positioned to provide horizontal loading with a pneumatic cylinder onto the “Slitting Station”. A top acting pneumatic feed cylinder with spaced grippers pushes the slab down onto the cutter blades. A formed support plate with slots provide bottom support. The support plate is mounted on four bottom acting pneumatic cylinders which provide an “Air-spring” action. During the closure of the top cylinder the speed is controlled by flow control valves, during the cutting action the feed rate is controlled by the deferential pressure between the top and bottom cylinders.

After the slitting cycle, the feed cylinder retracts and load cylinder loads the next slab pushing the “Slit” lining onto an exit station. A drop chute is positioned to allow the end trim piece to drop onto a scrape conveyor. The slit lining is pushed onto an exit conveyor.

The Machine functions are provided by an Allen Bradley SLC Controller. An operator station provides “Manual” operations for set-up and “Auto” for continuous cycle, a last part magazine sensor will stop the cycle.

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